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Passed AWS SA Pro!

April 27, 2017

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After just over a month(1 week full-time) of serious studying and stressing like crazy, I’ve passed my AWS SA Pro exam. Having received the exam reminder in October 2016, I did what most developers would do and left it to the last. The last day to be exact. Adding ample pressure to get it right the first time. I mean, who wants to write the Associate exam again?!

Google was my friend. First have a read at other more qualified bloggers than myself:


Have a google and there would be plenty. I wont repeat everything they’ve said. Just a few notes for those looking to get certified soon, maybe it helps, maybe not.

Also, if you have the money,$99), and definitely$29/m) is worth a look. If I had to choose one, it would be (free 7 day trial 🙂

My two cents is on time management. Before I started the exam I just made a column on my test paper to keep time with:

Question Time
10 2:35
20 2:20
30 2:05
40 1:50
50 1:35
60 1:20
70 1:05
80 50

You really have no time to waste! And rather move on than waste even an extra minute. I’m not the quickest reader, but I couldn’t believe I didn’t make a second pass on that exam. That rarely happens with an online MCQ exam.

Also, a month part-time is not enough. I was eventually forced into taking a week leave to study full time. As I had a feeling the content was to much. It is not difficult, just the amount of material is pretty hectic.

I hope that helps someone else, with enough time, to make better choices than I did and keep some of their hair intact. 🙂